blueprints for success

Start Strong

Just like a building needs a solid foundation, your implementation needs a sturdy base to start from. Our time-tested templates and best practices are proven winners and are easily customized to your unique business process.

Fast and Flexible

Project Controls Implementations are a moving target. They grow and change and take unexpected directions. That’s why Runding uses¬†Agile Methodology, continually delivering competitive, sustainable results.

The Finishing Touch

Once we’ve applied Agile methods to our template process to made it uniquely yours – it is yours! The end product of our collaboration is a comprehensive knowledge base specific to your solution.

Full Service

putting it all together


Installing and configuring your solution is the ultimate goal.
Our philosophy is to take your project controls from introduction to in-production.

requirements gathering

What do you need it to do? How do you need it to work? Success is built on good Q&A.

Solution Modeling

Know what you’re going to get before you put it into action. Our team makes sure it’s right the first time.

Configuration and Testing

Configure, tweak, test, repeat! We’re committed to quality and will work tirelessly towards perfection.


Easy to understand documentation that’s easy to find, created using your own business processes.


Ensuring everyone knows what they need to get the job done, whether that means on-site instruction or remote refreshers.

Get moving!

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