Runding Administration originated from a traditional Support Desk approach to solving common problems and providing user assistance. Over the years our Administration Team has evolved tools and best practices that allow Runding to deliver high quality support targeted at each client’s specific deployment. Runding is a full services Project Controls consultancy, and we have a deep bench of business and technical resources who understand your business.

Why Runding Administration?

Leveraging Runding Administration lets your team focus on their jobs and not on the distractions of software management. Runding Administration operates as a grid (connected, integrated, holistic support) that provides:

  • Continuity – a seamless transition from go-live to managed support for post-go-live upgrades and enhancements.
  • Quality – the Team, Tools and Technology (T3) needed to provide a high-quality support network of specialists in the deployed business solution: a seamless transition from go-live to managed support for post-go-live upgrades and enhancements.
  • Reliability – better support continuity, reduced risk and the ability to scale up or down to meet the demands of your business.
  • Accessibility –  Service Level Agreements that ensure support is available when you need it.
  • Affordability –  an outsourced network of high value required skills, without the expense and distraction of building and maintaining an in-house team of equivalent quality, coverage, and availability.
  • Opportunity – a proactive approach. We understand your business and technology, and find insightful ways (Runding Analytics) to help you operate more effectively; we become part of your team.

Runding Tools

We know that to be effective, the Client and Runding need real-time visibility into the status of issues and complete and accurate information about the deployment.  To support this Runding has developed the tools that allow us to track the “ball in court” for all issues as well as an accessible, intuitive and maintainable knowledge base for team communication.


Runding Tracking is more than just an issue tracking database. It is the system we use to manage all activities for implementations and support. By using this common tool, the Administration Team can easily dispatch an item to anyone in the Grid (our connected network of support specialists managed by Grid Operations). This lets us apply the best resource to the specific issue. For clients, it is a single web accessible location to record and review status for all the actionable items in their deployment.

Knowledge Base

Runding offers a knowledge base product developed specifically to manage information for your Capital Projects deployment. Using wiki technology, information is easy to find, easy to maintain and available online. Organized by your business processes, it includes an understandable narrative on how your organization operates, graphically depicts your workflow and participants, makes it intuitive to find related training material and becomes a source of reference to new and existing users. It is secure and available anywhere there is an internet connection.