Runding Analytics

Data-driven success

Data-driven businesses remain competitive and successful even in uncertain markets, because they know their data contains the answers to critical business questions. These key, decision-driving answers are often hidden in multiple systems that don’t communicate well with each other.

Analytics that work

Businesses need a powerful, easy way to create connections between these systems and find insightful answers not available from one source alone.

Runding Analytics is both a service and a product that allows us to provide you business insights in an inexpensive, easy and convenient way. We use our expertise to model your data and create intuitive business measures, combining them into interactive visualizations and dashboards that give you deeper understanding of your business direction. 

Flexible for your needs

You can use Runding’s Analytics team and application exclusively, or blend it with your current team and tool set, free from the dependence on information technology staff or database administrators.


Analytic Services

Why Runding Analytics?       

Runding approaches every client engagement from a data-centric viewpoint – we want to see and understand your existing data sources, analytics and reporting requirements.


We can connect all your data sources to create a model that provides a whole-picture insight into your business – giving you the power to make smarter business decisions.


You get extensive options for visualizations and displays. Dashboards can be targeted to any range of users, customized for the field or the corner office.


Whether you need exploratory reports or a detailed analysis, the system is intuitive for all stakeholders. Reports can be made in the app or data analyzed in Excel.


Single users or enterprise-level teams can get value from the tool, and if your business needs change, it can change with you.


Be confident that new tool sets will integrate with your solution. We can connect to currently unexplored data sources to provide you further insights. Most connections are already supported and we’re always growing our reach!


You get drill through capability to live data connections, baseline and event-triggered data for disciplined comparison analysis.


Easily create “What if?” scenarios as your project evolves. We’ve also created foundational reports that are ready for customization.


There’s no extra software to purchase – Office 365 clients already have access.


For new deployments
Know where you’re at from the start – the solution is built around the data and your reporting requirements.

For existing deployments:
Insightful reporting, improved analytical tools, and better business decisions.