welcome to runding

Runding is everything you need in a Project Controls consulting partner, with over 15 years experience and industry connections.


Working with the best technologies to bring you solutions that work today and help you grow for the future.


Understanding your business needs and day-to-day operations to develop the best solution for every situation.


Building the tools you need for a complete solution - from custom reports to full user interfaces.

Global Availability

Bridging distances to make sure your solution works where you do. We go the extra mile - or thousand!

Growth is our middle name

We started Runding in 2002 to create solution channels in Europe. Since then, we’ve grown from a small group of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction professionals into a diverse team with extensive backgrounds in engineering, accounting, technology, construction, and facilities.
We’re always ready to address the growing needs of your business with Technical and Business Consulting, Implementations, and Support.
We’ve even created a Development Team for custom products and user interfaces.

our values

While we are experienced in complex technical matters, we know our success comes from using some pretty basic skills.
We listen. We take good notes.
We see that our clients have many things in common, yet each one has unique requirements. We carefully tailor our solutions to provide the best fit and most value.
It’s not easy, but it really is that simple.