Runding was founded in 2002 by a group of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction professionals to create solution channels in Europe.  Over the years we’ve built a team with extensive backgrounds in engineering, accounting, technology, construction and facilities to support the growing needs of our customers from Business and Technical Consulting, Implementations and Support, to creating a Development Team for custom products and comprehensive user interfaces. This wide range of relevant experience is a key advantage in delivering strategic services efficiently, effectively, and responsively. We have the Team, the Tools, and the Technology.

While we are experienced in complex technical matters, we attribute our success to some pretty basic skills. We listen. We take good notes. We recognize that our clients have many things in common, yet each has unique requirements. We carefully calibrate our solutions to provide the best fit and most value. It’s not easy, but it really is that simple.

Core Values

  • Partners – Fostering long-lasting win-win relationships with a focus on delivering for today with an eye on tomorrow.
  • Consultants – Understanding the business needs and day-to-day operations of our customers to develop the best solution for any situation.
  • Development – Building whatever is needed for a complete solution from custom reports to full user interfaces.
  • Travelers – Being on-site with customers is key, from next door to around the globe – and we have the passport stamps to prove it.


We are a fast-growing company that’s always looking for new talent. Think you’ve got what it takes? Start the conversation by sending an email to careers@runding.com.