Runding and Kahua Partnering on Project Management, Capital Solutions and Collaboration Implementations.

Project controls made smarter.

Runding and Kahua have partnered to provide implementation and support of Kahua’s cutting edge project management software for the real estate and construction industry.   Kahua’s Product and kStore are a perfect fit for Runding’s Implementation & Business Consulting Services, Administration and Software Development Team.  Our team and skills are an ideal match for the Kahua universe and the needs of current or new Kahua customers.


The Kahua platform allows customers to improve their project controls solutions with out of the box Apps and provides a developer tool kit and marketplace allowing for product extensibility.  The Kahua Starter package includes the core platform, file management, and document management;  with their plus package, you will also get cost management and checklisting.  These core tools represent the foundation of your Project Management and Collaboration solution.

Kahua is everything you need in a Project Controls platform.Beyond the core product Kahua has a development tool called kBuilder.  With knowledge of XML, developers can use kBuilder to create custom apps for proprietary business functions or public apps for all users to install
via the kStore.  Not only can you build apps for Kahua, but third party apps automatically incorporate core platform functions like security, user interface, collaboration, and database framework.

About Kahua

Founded by construction software veterans, Kahua has over 2,000 customers ranging from the largest owners and general contractors to small specialty trade subcontractors. Kahua’s platform enables users to easily share common data, documents, and workflows across all applications and projects, and among all authorized business partners. Kahua supports leading mobile devices and tablets, integrates with third party applications, including numerous accounting systems, and enables customers and certified development partners to quickly modify existing applications or build custom applications that operate on the Kahua Platform. To learn more, visit www.kahua.com