For your industry

We’ve learned a thing or two over the years and developed industry-specific tools to migrate, integrate and manage your complex deployments. 

Product Categories

Industry Data Tools to move fast with predictable results

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Two Types of rConnect Products

  • Framework
  • Pre-Built Connections

Framework Licensed for Custom Integrations

Connections are Pre-Built Integrations for Common Applications

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Project Controls Apps

  • Focused on Specific Business Process
  • Platform Add-On Products
  • Sold Direct or Platform Market Place
  • Use Out of the Box or Customize
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Data Control App for Office 365

  • Governance
  • Federation
  • Project Tracking 
  • Integration Monitoring

Product Strategy

Runding Data Tools (rDT) connect, control and extend the project controls landscape.

  • rConnectcontains prebuilt adapters for common integrations and a Framework for custom end points.
  • rExtend are applications that target system gaps and limitations and provide pinpoint functionality 
  • rControl is an application that structures and manages data for integration and analytics and project lifecycle management. 

EASY to Start. EASY to Grow.

  • Start with one Component
  • Additional incremental purchases 
    • One EULA covers all
    • Annual Subscription
  • Leverage Microsoft Investment & Platform
  • Connect, Control and Extend Technology


A Framework for integrating project data

Two configurations

1. As a Framework

  • Licensed libraries with Annual subscription (accelerators)
  • Includes Hosting Services (Azure)
  • Requires Development Services from Technical Services Team
  • Maintenance (support) included as % of Custom Dev Cost

2. Prebuilt Connectors

  • Example = Scheduling <-> Job Cost
    • P6<->Kahua Connector
  • Used out of the box
  • Purchase Product Extension Services
    • Performed by the Product Team
    • Two weeks, Two Resources, Two Skillsets


Match a problem with a persona and an app

Construction team requires vendor data that may not be appropriate or wanted in ERP.  Vendors are managed by a small group using Excel. The process should be brought into the sunshine and optimized.

Current Solutions

  • Portfolio Management
  • Capital Planning
  • Pursuit Management
  • Forecasting
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Insurance Tracking
  • Budgeting 
  • Master Agreements
  • Revenue Contract
  • Expense Contracts
  • Work Plan Management


A Data Control Application that harmonizes data across departments and systems

Data does not align well across departments and applications (different processes, structures, perspectives and requirements).

The solution? rControl App works in your exiting technology landscape. It stands separately from the point solutions and provides a federation and governance framework to unify and control Project data. 

  • It is light weight, easy to install, and super extensible.
  • Wired directly to Power BI
  • Functionality for Project Lifecycle Management
  • Integration Monitoring of rConnect
rControl chart