QuickStart Solutions

The QuickStart Solution is designed to get your  application configured and deployed to the end users faster and more cost efficiently than a traditional full waterfall implementation approach. The Runding team utilizes an Agile Implementation approach and the targeting of high value functionality that leverages the pre-configured QuickStart templates to provide your organization with a comprehensive solution while delivering the highest return on investment. QuickStart is delivered to your team fully documented, and with dedicated end user assistance, to quickly go live and gain adoption by the end users.

The QuickStart Solution uses:

  • Agile Implementation to ensure a fast, efficient deployment.
  • Time-tested templates for solution delivery that provide a complete solution while still adjusting to your specific needs.
  • The Runding SolutionAdm Network for user adoption assistance and overall system Go Live performance.

No organization knows all their requirements and opportunities as an implementation begins. QuickStart allows for the growth and evolution of the solution as your organization becomes more familiar with the application, requirements change and your team develops an increased awareness of possibilities.

Agile Implementation Approach

The Runding Agile Implementation approach provides a fast and predictable delivery vehicle for your Project Controls solution. This approach provides early successes in identified high value areas with an identify opportunities, evaluate options, and implement solution approach.

The Agile Implementation starts with the review of the QuickStart templates and documented processes. The structure of the templates and documentation make it easy to visualize the processes, while supporting collaborative capture of additional definition.

After review and adjustment of the QuickStart templates, The Runding team proceeds with timely and simultaneous adjustment of the solution documentation and configuration. This expedites and simplifies the processes of a typical implementation saving time while adding confidence in the solution to be provided.

Runding has developed the QuickStart template approach and leveraged the Agile Implementation methodology and supporting toolsets through years of experience in deploying and maintaining project controls applications. We have seen organizations invest heavily over long periods of time without a truly live application only to see the vendor “finish” the project and move on. Runding has maintained long lasting relationships with our clients and we approach the success of the deployment and ongoing value of your project controls application as a true partnership.

Solution Templates

The center piece of the QuickStart Solution is Runding’s Solution template. The template provides structured process information and documentation in a visual format through a web based, collaborative environment.

Runding QuickStart Solution template content includes:

  • Solution Narratives
  • Process Diagrams
  • Training Guides
  • Self Help Materials

The Solution template allows Runding and your team to collaboratively and quickly define and deliver desired adaptations to the solution.

Upon completion, the customized Solution Template becomes your knowledgebase containing the specifics and documentation for your solution. Runding can continue to host and support this knowledgebase or it can be ported over to you for self support at the completion of the QuickStart Solution.