The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can do to help make your Project Controls the best they can be! 


Business Consulting

We use our deep industry experience to understand your needs and engineer smart ways to get the most out of your solution. We blend best practices with flexible solutions to bring you winning results.

Software Selection

You need the best tools for your business and we’re here to help you find them.

Process Engineering

We’ll help you streamline your process to extract maximum efficiency and drive your solution forward.

System Design

With sleek processes in place, we tailor the system so you get the best output possible.

Change Management

Smooth adoption is crucial and we’re experienced at planning for new or modified processes and supporting the success of your team.

Project Management

We’ll help you stay on target and achieve your goals, standing beside you every step of the way.
Our focus is and always has been Project Controls.

Technical Consulting

We bring cutting edge innovation to capital construction projects or extend the capabilities of legacy systems.


We ensure that your project controls system shares up to date information with your other key systems, including accounting, estimating, resource planning and others.


Moving to a new system when you’ve outgrown your current one can be intimidating. Our experience – and some excellent communication – can make the process manageable and successful.


Once all the planning is in place, it’s time to go live! We work closely with your team to ensure a smooth transition.

Business Analytics & Reporting

Runding Analytics can report across multiple control systems in near-real-time if you’re not ready for system integration or data migration services.


Runding has the infrastructure and expertise to host your main application, integrations, add-ons and Runding Analytics packages. Or take advantage of our expertise to support your self-hosted solution.

custom apps & extensions

Your current solution does almost everything you need! We can engineer and build an add-on that will fill the gaps and streamline your process.


Installing and configuring your solution is the ultimate goal.
Our philosophy is to take your project controls from introduction to in-production.

requirements gathering

What do you need it to do? How do you need it to work? Success is built on good Q&A.

Solution Modeling

Know what you’re going to get before you put it into action. Our team makes sure it’s right the first time.

Configuration and Testing

Configure, tweak, test, repeat! We’re committed to quality and will work tirelessly towards perfection.


Easy to understand documentation that’s easy to find.


Ensuring everyone knows what they need to get the job done.

Support Services

Eliminate hassle from your deployment by leveraging Runding’s many support options!
Our network of experienced staff will deliver the maximum of quality with the minimum of fuss.

Front-Line End User Support

Tier I, II, and III support for your users, over several communication channels.

In Depth Application Support

Something in your system went sideways? Let us dig into the issue and clear it up fast.


Free up your team for critical tasks and hand off day-to-day back end work to us.

Security Configuration

Keep your teams focused and eliminate errors with granular security models that get the job done right.

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