Competitive, successful businesses who wish to remain so are data driven businesses.  Answers to strategic business questions, and subsequent decisions, are hidden in the data – typically in multiple, diverse systems.  Businesses need a powerful, yet easy way to connect, mine, and analyze all the data find the answers – and to gain other insights not available any other way.


SolutionInsights is Runding’s business analytics service and product.  SolutionInsights provides analytics in an inexpensive, easy and non-burdensome way (other available tools have been either too expensive and / or too difficult and burdensome).  With Runding expertise, clients are provided data modeling, business measures creation and interactive visualizations and dashboards.  Clients can utilize ongoing analysis and business insight provided by Runding’s Solution Analysts (e.g. for monthly reporting cycles) as well as using their own in-house analysts – who can work in the SolutionInsights app or in their own data world (e.g. Excel), without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators.

Why SolutionInsights?       

Runding approaches every client engagement from a data-centric viewpoint – we want to see and understand your existing data sources, analytics and reporting requirements.

  • Inclusivity – SI can connect your data (from any and all sources) to create a business model that provides meaningful insights into the entire business (i.e. the whole picture). All data can be analyzed together – giving greater insight to smart business decisions.
  • Visibility – You get extensive options for visualizations and displays. Dashboards can be targeted to any range of users; dashboard tiles arranged to effectively inform.
  • Usability – It is an intuitive system that is easy to use for a variety of stakeholders. It allows for surface self-exploration and deep analyst exploration – in the app or the analyst’s world (e.g. Excel).
  • Scalability – It can scale down to one user (e.g. an analyst) or up for enterprise use.
  • Expandability – SI can also connect to other data not currently accessed to provide further insights (e.g. industry data, project schedule data, proforma data, design data, leasing data, financial data, etc.). It includes many ready-made connections to most typically used data sources.
  • Interactivity – You get drill through capability to live data connections, baseline data, and event triggered data for disciplined comparison analysis (e.g. cash flow or variance reporting).
  • Explorability – ‘What-if’ scenarios can easily be created and analyzed.
  • Affordability – There’s no expensive software to purchase (clients on Office 365 already have access).
  • Flexibility
    • For new deployments: no surprises at the end – the solution is built around the data and the reporting requirements.
    • For existing deployments: improved reporting, improved analytical tools, improved business decisions.

SolutionInsights DNA: How it is wired together

SolutionInsights doesn’t simply make connections; it makes smart connections via apps and bespoke tools that configure and discipline the data, permitting more extensive analysis (baselining, variance, cash flow, etc.).  Data is extracted, transformed and loaded (ETL’d) and a data model created using queries and measures.  The queries and measures set can easily be expanded to pursue new ideas and opportunities, create what-if scenarios, handle new requests, and address newly connected data.  It is also scalable – down to one user and up to an enterprise solution.

Service Agreement    

  • SolutionInsights is available as part of a SolutionAdmin annual agreement (for a minimum amount of support hours invoiced at the beginning of each quarter in advance of services). Analysts services could support monthly/regularly scheduled reporting cycles.
  • Alternatively, SI can be purchased on a monthly subscription service via CC.
  • Alternatively, SI can be purchased as a stand-alone product