Strukt is a user-friendly, centralized system for intelligently overseeing every aspect of a project including cost and commitment, budget, change, office and field management, business intelligence and reporting. It is customized to fit precisely with your business, process, and data.

Over the years, we’ve encountered marketplace needs that Proliance and other project controls software packages couldn’t adequately address. Customers asked us for ways to enhance data integrity and productivity. We listened and responded by creating something better.

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Why Strukt?

Works with Whatever Data You’ve Got

Strukt has been designed from the ground up to integrate any data system or information platform from business intelligence to social media.

Runs on Any System

Our JavaScript backend, scalable caching and minimal overhead are light enough to run alongside larger installations or on their own dedicated server running Windows, OSX, or Linux.

Delivers Cross-Platform Performance

Strukt is accessible on any modern browser using mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Scales to Demand

The more resources allocated to the system, the more throughput Strukt can manage.

Multitasks Seamlessly

Strukt maintains workflow even as the system continues to process requests.

Your project controls software should adapt to your business, not the other way around. Strukt offers unrivaled value that can be configured to accommodate any information infrastructure.