Technical Consulting

The runding difference

Unique Strengths

Our Project Controls consultancy keeps a team of industry specialized developers on hand, ready to spring into action when you need us most. The dev team augments our business consultants, and is experienced in all the platforms we implement. 

The Bigger Picture

We develop a plan of action that addresses your unique business processes and technology needs as a whole package. This approach ensures that everything meshes smoothly and efficiently.


Not ready for the future?

Okay, you’re ready, but your systems aren’t quite there yet. We’re experienced in getting the most out of your technology even when it’s not cutting-edge.
You absolutely can keep using that IBM 5150! (maybe not, but you get the picture!)

Full Service

putting it all together

Technical Services

We bring cutting edge innovation to capital construction projects or extend the capabilities of legacy systems.


We ensure that your project controls system shares up to date information with your other key systems, including accounting, estimating, resource planning and others.


Moving to a new system when you’ve outgrown your current one can be intimidating. Our experience – and some excellent communication – can make the process manageable and successful.


Once the plans are in place, it’s time to go live! We work closely with your team to ensure a smooth transition, and are on hand to work out any wrinkles that might spring up.

Business Analytics & Reporting

Runding Analytics can report across multiple control systems in near-real-time if you’re not ready for system integration or data migration services.


We have the infrastructure and expertise to host your main application, integrations, add-ons & Runding Analytics packages, or we can support your self-hosted solution.

custom apps & extensions

Your current solution does almost everything you need! We can engineer and build an add-on that will fill the gaps and streamline your process.

Legacy systems

You need your current solution to last just a little bit longer. We can help! We’re experienced at keeping legacy systems relevant until you’re ready to switch to something new.

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